Network Marketing (Asset)



So picture this, you just got the cutest pair of shoes, or maybe you saw a really cool movie and you are just dying to tell your friends or your social network about it…so you do, you share your new purchase, what you like about it and how it changed your life .

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there are people out there doing the exact same thing, sharing the products and services they use , expect they are getting paid really big bucks to do it.


Frankly, if I were you, I’d be peeved. However, I can show you how you can make some bucks sharing services that work too.

Now, I’m not talking about harassing your friends and family into buying endless shakes and supplements, I’m talking about sharing services and products in a way that is effective and not annoying to others.

Using proven marketing knowledge and principles you can share services and products that are helpful and not to mention life-changing, as well as an opportunity unlike anything you’ve seen or heard of before…

and the best part…it is all online !

Trading Services


Let's Talk Financial mARKETS

Most of us spend the majority of our adult lives trading our most valuable asset for money.  I am talking about your time. Working 9-5 or any other combination of time for a dollar amount per hour is an almost guaranteed income but do you truly think that you are getting paid what you are worth ?

I’m not suggesting that you leave your 9-5 after all, you may love what you do but what if you were able to trade in a financial market that would allow you to create a passive stream of income?


The foreign exchange market also referred to as the forex market is a 6.6 trillion dollar a day market that allows participants the ability to profit on the buying and selling of currencies.

With this service you will receive in depth knowledge about how to analyze charts, how to consider external pressures in the market as well as how to build the correct mindset to execute trading strategies that will allow you to profit in market.

Learning takes time, and I understand that so with this service you also receive trade alerts that are easy to input into your phone sent by market experts allowing you to profit in-real time.  This is what is called a learn while you earn strategy.

You are also provided with in-depth education about how to succeed in other financial markets such as the crypto markets as well as the stocks and equites market.

P.S. We have automated services as well.

Financial Fitness


Let's Talk Financial Literacy

Wouldn’t it be great to fast forward to the part in our lives where we are living comfortably, not spending our valuable time working a 9-5 , enjoying the company of loved ones and free from financial stress?  

For many, that time in life never comes…dull I know, but the great part is, that doesn’t have to be you!

One of the first steps to financial freedom is gaining and applying proper knowledge with regards to financial literacy.  Many of us believe that making more money will solve financial problems, however If a person is unable to manage 1,000 dollars it is very unlikely that they will be able to manage 10,000.  We learn lots of valuable information in school, but an area in which we were failed by the traditional education system is finance. 

 With this service you will have access to financial education presented by Ross Jardine a well renowned specialist in the finance industry. This financial education will assist you with creating and managing your budget and expenses, paying off debts and loans, rebuilding your credit and much more. 

Your Journey to Financial Freedom begins with the proper knowledge and somebody who is excited to help.